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Holly Romano, Brow Artistry Co.

I grew up in northeast Ohio and built a career in Media Sales and Marketing.   After traveling to Arizona many times, I moved here in 2006, and continued my career in the same industry.  I enjoy living in Arizona and exploring the beauty that the desert and the mountains of the southwest offer.

About a year and a half ago, I heard about microblading, and decided to give my thinning brows a little love, and save time applying makeup. I left my appointment with was so much more than a beautiful set of eyebrows.  My first glimpse in the mirror after the procedure brought an immediate smile and excitement.  I looked a bit younger, but still like me.  I felt confident and energized.  That “uplift” to my brows, my face and my spirit made me think how a simple procedure like microblading can impact women. When my friends and colleagues saws the results and were as excited as I was, that was all I needed. Yep, I was hooked. I had to share this!

Now I’m putting my business background and Microblading training to work as an entrepreneur to share this experience with others.

My goal is to help to uplift women, and my reward is seeing the joy and confidence that shows when a woman looks, feels and lives her best.